Are You Struggling with Hearing Loss?
May 03, 2019
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Find out the warning signs that it’s time to schedule a hearing evaluation.

Being able to hear those around you is so important. If you find yourself feeling left out of conversations more often than not then you couldhearing loss be dealing with hearing loss. It’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of hearing loss so that you know when to visit our Mount Airy, NC, ENT doctor Dr. Barry Ellis and audiologist Dr. Brian Moffitt.

What are the warning signs that I might have hearing loss?

In most cases hearing loss is gradual so you may not always notice when you’re having trouble hearing. Common signs and symptoms of hearing loss include:

  • Having to turn the volume up on the radio or television in order to hear it
  • Feeling like everyone around you is mumbling
  • Feeling like certain sounds are muffled
  • Having to ask people to repeat themselves frequently
  • Looking at lips to understand what people are saying
  • Trouble hearing people in noisy environments
  • Avoiding conversations or social interactions

When should you see a doctor?

If you are noticing any of these symptoms above then it’s a good idea to call our otolaryngologist in Mount Airy, NC, to schedule a hearing evaluation. The sooner hearing loss is detected the more quickly we can treat the problem, making it easier to understand those around you again. We know how much hearing loss can impact your day-to-day living and our goal is to help improve your hearing so that you can get back to the conversation again.

How is hearing loss treated?

The most common treatment option for hearing loss is a hearing aid. If you have hearing loss in both ears it’s important to get a hearing aid for both ears. Hearing aids do not fix hearing loss but they will amplify certain sounds while reducing noisy and unnecessary ambient sounds to make it easier to understand what others are saying.

There are many different kinds of hearing aids from which to choose. Once you undergo a hearing evaluation we can walk you through the different types of hearing aids and which ones would work best for the type of hearing loss you have. Hearing aids can improve hearing in those dealing with everything from minor to profound hearing loss.

If you are worried about hearing loss in Mount Airy, NC, then it’s important to schedule a hearing screening as soon as possible. Call Mount Airy ENT Head & Neck Audiology today.


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