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After years of hearing loss and several doctors not able to help me, I saw Dr. Ellis and he did surgery to help improve my hearing. I saw him today for my postop. My hearing is improving and I'm very happy. Thank you so much Dr. Ellis for helping me
Anonymous Reviewer

"Dr. Ellis, I want to thank you so much. She’s been doing so much better since you’ve taken over her ENT care than she was doing when she was going to Hickory.”
V.B.’s husband

My experience with Brian Moffitt was absolutely fantastic.  When I first came to Brian’s office, I had a preconceived notion about hearing aids…that they weren’t natural sounding, were uncomfortable, and that I wouldn’t be able to use them while playing live music.  I was dead set against them, and had been struggling for years in my workplace, and with my friends to try to hear in normal conversations.  Brian tested me and found I had 40% hearing loss.  We discussed at length the best options he felt for me in regarding comfort, styling and pricing, and made every effort to assist me in picking out what was best for me.  He listened intently to all my concerns and addressed them one at a time.  He always followed up on the next visit to see how the adjustments were working for me, making sure we were utilizing everything at his disposal to make me comfortable with my new aids.

Now, I am the poster child for hearing aids, as they have changed my life.  My life has gone from black and white to color now, and I could not live without them.  I have Brian to thank for it.  I highly recommend him to everyone.
Thank You, D.B


“Dear Dr. Ellis, just a note to say thank you so much for going out of your way last weekend. You met me at your office about 1:00am. I appreciate your obvious concern for my well being.”
Sincerely, K.A.


“I first went to him [Dr. Moffitt] for a test. When the test was completed it was found I needed hearing aids. He recommended a set and fitted me for them. After discovering additional needs he continued to work with me till we found a system that works well with my needs. He has worked diligently to continue to make sure my needs are met. I am proud to recommend him.”


“Dr. Ellis, thank you for your care that is wonderful. Thank you for helping me in the worst physical time of my life, but most of all thank you for praying for me. It was so great to see a doctor who prays. It impacted my life.”
Thank you so much! T.G.


Good Experience. Main thing: I can hear much better.


“I have the pleasure over the last year to be a patient of Dr. Ellis. I want to let you all know that his staff and he are jewels! Dr. Ellis completed two surgeries for me this year on my ears. I am glad to say that as a result of those surgeries, I am no longer a candidate for a hearing aid! Dr. Ellis has really been helpful to me! He has a great bedside manner. Moreover, he explained my condition and treatment in terms that made sense to me. I also cannot say enough nice things about the staff at the office. Everyone is so kind and will assist you anyway they can.”
Sincerely, K.C.


“I believe Brian’s primary concern is making sure your hearing is the ‘best it can be’.  He goes the extra mile in working with you to reach that goal.  If you encounter problems, Brian schedules an appointment quickly so that the problem can be dealt with.  He also does an excellent job of following up and monitoring changes to make sure your hearing stays at the ‘best it can be’ level.  I have recommended Brian to others and will continue to do so.”


“Dear Dr. Ellis and Staff, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate you all. You have all been so wonderful, my prayer was answered. I truly believe God sent you my way and I am thankful. I am doing well, no sinus infections so far. You have all been great. May God bless each and every one of you. You all make the patient seem like they are special and the top priority.”
Thank you so much. B.P.


Dr. Ellis and Dr. Moffitt are two of the finest Dr’s in Wilkes County. Every patient is treated with respect and care while in the office and at home. Dr Ellis gives his cell phone # to every pt so if they have questions and concerns at home they can get in touch with him directly. His staff are also very nice. Dr. Ellis has a lot of experience in the ENT business and sometimes things happen that are out of his control just like with any other Dr. He is very compassionate about what he does and really cares about the patient. Dr. Moffitt the Audiologist is Fantastic he loves his patients and takes really good care of them. I would take my whole family here without any hesitation. I think we are lucky in Wilkes to have these providers.


Dr. Ellis did a great job for my little girl when she got ear problems. Dr. Moffitt helped my grandfather with hearing aides. So I can confidently tell you that Dr. Ellis is a good doctor. 
Go Wilkes submission


As an operating room nurse who’s worked on a day to day basis with Dr. Ellis and other surgeons for many years I can offer a first-hand perspective on his patient care and surgery. Also, have worked in other operating rooms at major medical centers in North Carolina and assisted other ENT surgeons many, many times. Dr. Ellis is hands-down, by far, the best, kindest, and technically most proficient and experienced ENT surgeon I’ve ever worked with. Many of the hospital nurses, nurses here in the OR, administrators, board members, and community physicians use Dr. Ellis for their care and the care for their children and families. I’ve seen anesthesiologists from Boone, and physicians and PAs from Winston, Elkin, Raleigh, here, even New York bring their families to have surgery by Dr. Ellis at Wilkes Regional Medical Center. Those are professionals who know a lot about what they do and know how to choose.
OR nurse


“Spoke with patients mother. She wanted to let me know that our office and WRMC has given her and her son the BEST Medical Experience they have EVER had. She states everyone was Wonderful, and she really appreciates it”. 
Office Call 


“Spoke with patient’s sister today following patient’s thyroplasty. I could hear him talking in the background and his voice is much improved. Barbara states she’s amazed how his voice sounds after the procedure Dr. Ellis did today.  First time he’s been able to talk like that since losing his voice many months ago. Barbara also stated she is very grateful for the hospitality shown to her and her brother today. She also states Dr. Ellis was very personable and a very nice fellow“. 
Office Call 


“Dr. Ellis was very nice and he appreciated his kind personality. He said “sometimes ya just don’t like going to the doctor but I really enjoyed my visit yesterday”. 
Office Call 


Thank you so much Dr. Barry Ellis for fixing my breathing! I am so thankful I found you and had you do my surgery. It is unbelievable the difference in my breathing and sinuses. Enjoy the chocolates and please share with your entire helpful and thoughtful staff. The bears all yours .
Angie Spencer

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